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The Cloud Family
They see the Strengths in our son and Support him when he’s Struggling
We started our journey at QR when our son was in preschool and felt an instant bond and connection to his teacher and the community. Throughout the...
This Journey my son will carry with him Through each Path of his Life.
When becoming parents, we not only talked about the faith in which we wanted to raise our son with, but we also discussed sending him...
QR is an Incredibly Welcoming & Loving Family
As a public school teacher, I never imagined sending my own children to a catholic school. However, as we put our oldest child, who is now entering 2nd grade at QR, in 3-year-old preschool I knew instantly that we made the right decision. I have worked in many great schools in many great communities and it became apparent from day one that QR is more than just a community, we are a family. From the amazing dedicated teachers to the
Queen of the Rosary is an Amazing Faith-Filled Learning Environment
Queen of the Rosary is an amazing faith-filled learning environment that allows a child to learn and grow with dedicated and talented faculty and staff. QR is not only focused on providing a rigorous academic curriculum, but also on the spiritual and social development of your child. We believe that...