Texthelp PDF Reader is now OrbitNote – Learn71

All students and staff have access to OrbitNote when they log into their Google Account.  OrbitNote helps make PDF documents, worksheets and tests more accessible and interactive. You can annotate and write directly on the PDF document. The features of the Read&Write toolbar are available.
Once you open a PDF in OrbitNote, some the tools you can use are the following:
Textool to write on the document
Hightlighters to highlight important information
Shape tool to draw shapes and lines on the document
Read tool to have the document read outloud
Dictionary tools to learn about new words
Word Prediction to help with spelling
Talk&Type to speak your answers instead of typing
OrbitNote works with Google Classroom. Assignments can be created by teachers and students can turn in their work to Google Classroom.
OrbitNote Quick Reference Guide
Sample Worksheet to Practice with Orbitnote