School Board

Queen of the Rosary School Board is a leadership group within the school that functions in an advisory role to the Pastor and Principal in accordance with guidelines set by the Office of Catholic Schools. The School Board is composed of eleven members. Nine are elected; the other two are the Pastor and the Principal of the school.

The purpose of the Board shall be advisory and supportive of the administration in which members will help develop, define and support the policies necessary to govern the school in matters of education and will act in accordance with the policies of the Archdiocese of Chicago.  If policies are not specified by the Archdiocese, then the Board has the authority to help formulate them.

The Board will also act to coordinate the activities of parish organizations as they affect educational programs. Meetings –open to members of the parish and parents of the students enrolled in the school-are posted on the monthly school calendar. 

2021/2022 SCHOOL BOARD
Fr. Dan Folwaczny - Pastor Ms. Kathleen McGinn - Principal RJ Gomez - President Shane Boyle - Vice President
Meghan Dejlitko - Booster Co-Chair

Peter Kokenas - Fundraising Co-Chair

Robyn Axberg - Secretary, Marketing Co-Chair

Cheri Cage - Marketing Co-Chair, Boosters Co-Chair

Dana Arciniegas - Fundraising Co-Chair, Parents Club President

Kari Gbur - Marketing Co-Chair

Tim Fracl - Finance Representative