Important Dates:

Monday, May 9th – Friday, May 20th:  Pledge solicitation

Friday, May 27th:  Final due date for all pledges made by cash or check

Website Registration:

We are again using the website (formerly to raise and track pledges/donations for each student.  This is for students in K – 8th only.

Go to to begin:

1. Click ‘login' (if account has been made in previous years) or 'Sign Up' (if you have not previously used the site).

2. Click 'Register a Student'

3. Type in Queen of the Rosary


Click 'Enter Your Registration Code' and enter code: 255-593

4. Enter student’s first and last name and select student’s class

5. Agree to terms and continue

6. Register another student or select no

7. Click 'View Participant Dashboard' and begin pledging!

Pledge Solicitation:

  • Per lap pledges or flat donations may be accepted.
  • Each student’s page will indicate a goal of 30-35 laps; 30 laps will be the basis for pledging.
  • Flat donations will be allocated based on 30 laps.For example, if a flat donation of $30 is received, the system will automatically track that donation as $1 per lap.
  • The number of laps completed by each student will be entered into the website by the event committee.
  • Please note the maximum number of laps that can be entered after the event is 35.
  • Sponsors who receive the link to the student pages may enter pledges/donations directly; or, parents may enter donations on behalf of sponsors they have contacted.


  • If a sponsor’s e-mail address is entered, and the sponsor has made a pledge (as opposed to a flat donation), the sponsor will receive an e-mail after the event indicating their total donation and their payment options.
  • Sponsors may pay by credit card, check, or cash.If sponsors choose to pay by credit card, they'll automatically be charged after the event once the laps completed are entered (sponsors will receive an e-mail indicating the amount they will be charged).
  • If sponsors choose to pay by check or cash, it is the family’s responsibility to collect the money.Checks should be made payable to Queen of the Rosary; sponsors may write 1 check for multiple children.
  • Collections will be entered into the website by the event committee.
  • All checks and cash are due no later than Friday, May 27th.


  • Individual grand prizes for the top 5 students who raise the most money will be based on funds collected as of Friday, May 27th .Uncollected pledges as of that date will not be counted toward prize determination.
  • Prizes for all students who meet the per lap pledge goals (including flat donations) will be awarded during the pledging process and/or as soon as the pledging period is over.

Thank you very much for your support of this event, and please contact Amy Boyle with any questions - [email protected].