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"[I] consider sports an an instrument of education when it fosters high human and spiritual ideals: when it forms youth in an integral way in values such as loyalty, perseverance, friendship, solidarity and peace. Surmounting differences of cultures and ideologies, sports offers and ideal occasion for dialogue and understanding among peoples, for building the desired civilization of love.  To put into practice these values, based on the dignity of the human person, in face of possible interests that might darken the nobility of sports itself."
-Pope John Paul 11 (Sept. 16, 2002) 


Queen of the Rosary School believes in the value of competitive athletic activity as part of a child's physical, mental, and emotional development, which is, in turn, complimentary to good social and spiritual development.


Queen of the Rosary School is concerned with the development of the whole person: spiritual, academic, moral, and social development.  Through participation in the Queen of the Rosary Athletic Program students can develop life-long skills and positive values, including leadership, a healthy lifestyle, self-discipline, integrity, teamwork, respect for rules and regulations, and the ability to participate with dignity and grace.

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