Hot Lunch/Fun Lunch


On-site Supervisor:  MaryLyn Ludkowski

We have contracted with Food Service Professionals, a program run by the Archdiocese of Chicago, which offers meal service to elementary and secondary schools.  Orders are placed monthly in advance, with no refunds given.

Around the 5th of the month, or when FSP has it available, Ms. McGinn will send out a notification with a link that the menu and order form for the month are available.  Click on the link and print off the menu and order form.  Circle the lunch or salad desired (top lunch is A and bottom lunch is B).  Total the lunches and salads and put the number in the righthand column.  Multiply $4.00 per lunch and send the order form and cash or check to the office in an envelope marked FSP lunch.  Don’t forget to make a copy of the order form. 

Lunches are delivered to the classrooms at lunch time.

No milk is given with FSP lunches.

Any questions should be emailed to:  [email protected]


Fun Lunch Program Information (click here)