Staff Contact

Queen of the Rosary Staff  2023-2024


Principal: Mr. R. Andersen  [email protected]

Secretary: Mrs. K. Bowman [email protected]

Extended Care Director: Mrs. M Ludkowski  [email protected]


Homeroom Teacher
Pre K 3 Ms. K. Garr     [email protected]
Pre K 4 Mrs. L. Ellefson [email protected]
Kindergarten Mrs. E. Luczywek [email protected]
1st Grade Mrs. L. Minard [email protected]
2nd Grade Ms. C. Petric [email protected]
3rd Grade Mrs. M. Vitale [email protected]
4th Grade Mrs. D. Wassenaar [email protected]
5th Grade Mrs. C. Nagle [email protected]
6th Grade Mrs. Ullman [email protected]
7th Grade Mrs. L. Maldonado [email protected]
8th Grade Mr. T. McDonough [email protected]
Music Mrs. Arizmendi    [email protected]
PE/Computers Mrs. T. Wierig [email protected]
Learning Support Mrs. R. Massey [email protected]