Volunteer Requirements

Family Service Program

To encourage a spirit of cooperative commitment among our families for the benefit of our school, students and parish, we are launching the Queen of the Rosary School Family Service Program

Family Service Program Flyer

Record your volunteer hours 


The partnership volunteers have with Queen of the Rosary School is vital to its success.   Volunteers actively assist in the operation of the school in various areas including but not limited to the following: school office, recess/lunch supervisors, library helpers, field trip chaperones, and classroom volunteers.

Individuals who choose to be a vital part of the school by sharing their time, treasures, and talents with students and staff, are required to complete the list of all the tasks/training outlined below in order to be in compliance with the Archdiocesan mission to protect children and young people. 

Create a Virtus account - An account can be created by going to virtusonline.org.  When creating a Virtus account, it asks you to indicate at which Archdiocese you are volunteering.  Select Chicago, IL (Archdiocese).  Then select Queen of the Rosary School as your location.
All documents are tracked through the Virtus system.

CBC (Criminal Background Check) - A criminal background check is run through the Virtus account system at the time of account registration.  Rechecked every three years through Virtus (Policy 603.2)

CANTS 689 (Illinois Child Abuse and Neglect Tracking System) - A yearly check of the central registry of the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services.

PGC (Protecting God's Child) - Register and attend within 15 days of beginning volunteering (Policy 603.5).
Registration is maintained through your Virtus account.

A Plan to Protect God’s Children Recertification Training 4.0 with Technology is a 3-year recertification program completed online through the Virtus system. This is a refresher to the Protecting God’s Children training. Keeping the Promise Alive. (Policy 603.7)
MRT & CANTS 22 (Mandated Reporter Training & Acknowledgement Form) -Mandated Reporter Training from the State of Illinois training website – mr.dcfstraining.org.  Create an account through their website.
Remember to print the certificate at the end before closing out.
Re-certified every three years including re-signing the Acknowledgement Form (CANTS 22).  (Policy 603.6 & 603.7)

ASB (Archdiocesan Standards of Behavior) - Read and signed at the time of hire and re-acknowledged yearly through the Virtus account. (Policy 603.4)
(Formerly known as Code of Conduct)

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