Athletic Directors

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Athletic Directors: Mrs. Jamie Villagomez and Mr. Patrick Kelly

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Queen of the Rosary's Athletic Program is overseen by Athletic Directors, Mrs. Jamie Villagomez and Mr. Patrick Kelly. The goal of the Athletic Department is to provide a wide range of interscholastic sporting activities that not only allow for maximum participation of our students but also provide an opportunity for each of our students to find  an activity in which they can excel.  Our Athletic Department promotes individual dignity, personal development, and social interaction.  Here, we are dedicated to providing a leading athletic program in a Christian atmosphere for all student-athletes.

We believe athletic success is not measured solely by the number of wins and losses or the number of trophies or championships won in a given season.  Success is measured by the degree to which our student-athletes live up to the principles of: 

Higher Learning, Deeper Faith and
Stronger Character

The education of each student-athlete is our first priority.  As Queen of the Rosary's Athletic Directors, we seek to create a culture that inspires, motivates and challenges all participants to leave their environment better than how they found it.