image prayers at end of the day
Prayers at the end of the day.


We, the school family of Queen of the Rosary, committed to the spiritual and moral development of each child, believe the parish school is an integral part of the Catholic Church community.

We emphasize academic excellence, while striving continually to integrate faith and knowledge.

We believe that the purpose of education is to encourage lifelong learning and active involvement in the Christian community.

We believe the education of children is the primary responsibility of parents; we recognize that the complete education of children requires the total involvement and commitment of students,teachers, and parents.

We recognize that children learn by different means and at different levels of development; we, therefore, implement a variety of instructional strategies, while maintaining that children learn best by being actively involved in the learning process.

We recognize and accept cultural differences while embracing our similarities of faith and school community.

Finally, Queen of the Rosary utilizes all resources within the school, the Archdiocese of Chicago, and the local community to provide a quality Catholic education.