School Advisory Board Information

Queen of the Rosary School has established a School Advisory Board (the "Board"). The Pastor has established the Board to aid the school community in reaching its goals, consistent with the policies, procedures, guidelines, regulations and best practices promulgated by the Archdiocese of Chicago and the Office of Catholic Schools.


Specifically, the Board is established to assist the Principal and Pastor by providing advice and counsel in the following areas:

foster and promote a faith-based community;
support the ministry of Catholic school education;
set direction in finance, facilities, marketing, strategic planning, and development;
ensure financial stability;
increase transparency;
build trust and confidence in partnership with school, families, and parish;
focus on areas critical to the short and long-term future.

The Board is composed of at least 9 members. An individual is appointed by the Pastor and the principal of school based upon a certain skill set and expertise for a specified term, usually 3 years.

Board members may be:

alums and parents of alums;
parents or guardians of current students; and/or
leaders within the neighborhood, business and professional communities;

The Board typically meets at school (or via zoom) on the second Tuesday of designated months (every other month) at 7 p.m. Board members should be available to meet on this day and at this time.

The commitment of Board members is to prepare for and attend board meetings and actively participate in at least one of the committees of the SAB which include: Executive, Mission Effectiveness Committee, Fiscal Management, and Institutional Development, Strategic Planning.

Potential School Board Members should meet the following criteria:

Be at least 21 years of age
Interest in and commitment to Catholic education in general, and a specific commitment to the mission and philosophy of Queen of the Rosary Catholic School.
Capacity to give witness to Catholic and Christian moral values within the school and be an active member of the parish community.
Availability to attend meetings and periodic in-service programs.
Availability to participate fully in Board and committee work.
Commitment to the various goals and objectives of the Board and an ability to devote the necessary and substantial time commitments to achieve those goals.
Ability to maintain high levels of ethics, integrity and confidentiality.
Ability to objectively assess data and make recommendations for the greater good of the Parish and School.
Ability to work positively with others to achieve consensus.
Ability to attend and assume a significant role in resource development programs (e.g., galas, fundraisers) for the school.
Ability to disclose existing or potential conflicts of interest.