Library Media Center

library tables, computers, books

Library Media Center

Queen of the Rosary is proud to introduce the new Library Media Center (LMC) which has combined the existing library and the old computer lab. Our new LMC will host students from all grades and provide opportunities for them to check out books, do research, participate in STEM and center activities. Digital Citizenship is taught in the classrooms and reinforced in the LMC through Commonsense Media lessons.

The LMC has a combination of desktops, laptops, Chromebooks and iPads for instruction and learning. Our flexible seating allows for whole group, small group and choice in seating. Our new tables are on wheels and flip for storage so we will have more floor space. The interactive whiteboard allows both teachers and students to project lessons.

Many older books have been weeded from the library to make room for new books that have been purchased from our Scholastic Book Fair funds and donations. Books include Fiction, Non-Fiction, Biography, Religion, Poetry, Picture Books and Reference Books. Students have access to E-books through online subscriptions. The books have been reorganized to accommodate the open environment.

Our student Library Crew has been instrumental in providing feedback into what they would like to see in the library and have helped in logging in new books, labeling shelves and giving suggestions for materials and book titles.

We are excited to see the possibilities that are available to students.