QR Preschool

4 year old preschool

Early Childhood Education Program


Queen of the Rosary school offers a 3 and 4 year old preschool program with a variety of schedule options.  Students have the option of attending full day, half day,  five days a week or three days a week.  Preschoolers are also able to sign up for extended care.

Our program follows Illinois State Board of Education Early Learning Standards.  Teachers are state certified and highly qualified, with a minimum of a Bachelors degree in education.  Assistant teachers are provided and enrollment is limited to meet adult/child ratio and group size requirements.  Queen of the Rosary follows a comprehensive Pre-K curriculum, which includes Early Literacy Skills, Language Arts, Mathematics, Religion, Science, Social Studies, Health, Physical Education and Music.

When a child enters preschool at QR, they become part of an established setting for learning.  Our preschool classrooms are not just add-ons or separate programs.  They are an integral part of the elementary school community and considered an important part of the learning continuum.  Our teachers provide safe and secure early childhood education in a loving, faith-based environment.


Early Childhood Excellence

Do you want your child to:
Cooperate with others? Learn to share? Improve physical skills? Gain confidence? Become a great reader? Solve math problems? Be creative? Learn about God’s love? Enjoy school? 

Queen of the Rosary Preschool program is about finding a school filled with quality faculty who bring a commitment to academic excellenceIt’s about an atmosphere that ignites a love of learning.
and a culture that is welcoming and supportive. Queen of the Rosary School is about a community that works together and a place with special traditions.

Teachers are state certified with bachelor’s degrees; they are warm, friendly and participate in ongoing training.

The classroom environment is inviting, colorful, and clean.

The student to teacher ratio allows for individual attention when needed.

Open communication exists between teacher and parents and the principal and teacher are available via phone, email, and in-person meetings.

The classroom is set up for a wide range of activities that support learning.

The daily schedule allows for activity, learning, play and quiet time.

The early childhood program is part of an established setting for learning; not just an "add-on."

Children have access to enrichment programs such as iPads, Smartboards, music, gym, and art.

The building and the classroom are safe and secure; a system is in place for supervision at all times.

The community is family oriented and encourages parents to be involved.

Students are welcomed into a community of faith and children begin learning about character building and caring for others.

The program’s curriculum is aligned with Illinois’ Early Learning Standards.

There is a seamless plan in place for transition into Kindergarten and first grade.

The early childhood program has undergone an evaluation process and is recognized by the Illinois State Board of Education.

The program is flexible enough to meet your families’ scheduling and financial needs.